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Flood Barrier Sizes
  • Passive Self Activating Flood Barrier
  • New and retrofit installations
  • Activated by flood water not electricity
  • Warning lights during operation
  • Australian design and manufacture
  • International granted patents
  • Small surface footprint
  • Easy to maintain

Flow Defence™ self activating flood barrier:

  • Avoid conflicts with existing underground services
  • Can be installed completely within the property boundary
  • Do not require additional service pits to activate
  • Watch the operation and maintenance animation below to see how it works


Why do roads flood?

  • Roads are not only used by vehicles, they are also overland flow paths for flood water
  • In minor storm events drains convey stormwater, in major storm events roads convey stormwater
  • Engineering guidelines aim to control the depth of stormwater on roads to about 250mm
  • Flood water depths on roads can increase during intense storm events or in low lying areas that are impacted by tidal effects, storm surge and overland flow

The problem?

Properties along the roadway and access ramps to basements are at risk of flooding.

The solution?

The Flow Defence passive self activating flood barrier intercepts flood water in an underground chamber.

  • In minor storm events the buoyant barrier will not activate
  • A submersible pump keeps the chamber drained to ensure that the barrier will only activate when necessary

How much space do I need?

  • Flood barriers are usually installed on the crest of a driveway at the property boundary
  • Council will not approve a barrier being installed in the footpath so space is limited
  • Less surface area is required if the barrier moves straight up and down during operation
  • Tilting barriers require more surface area to operate than the Flow Defence™ barrier
  • Flow Defence™ barrier = small surface area
  • The space required does not increase with larger barriers
  • Traditional tilting barrier = large surface area
  • Large barriers require more space

What happens after the flood recedes?

  • Flood water can reach different depths depending on the intensity
  • Self activating flood barriers raise and lower with the height of flood water
  • While the barrier is floating there is no need for human intervention
  • If the flood barrier does not retract after a flood event, personnel and equipment are required to lower the heavy flood barrier
  • Flow Defence™ barrier = retracts under all conditions
  • Even if the barrier is fully extended it will lower after the flood
  • Traditional tilting barrier = can remain open
  • During major events the barrier may stay in the open position

Will debris affect the operation?

  • Flood water can contain rocks, branches, sediment and various other materials
  • The FD passive self activating flood barrier is built from robust components that can withstand impact from flood water containing debris
  • After a flood event it is important that debris carried by the flood water does not affect the barrier operation
  • If the barrier traps debris after a flood event, personnel and equipment are required to lift and clean the heavy barrier
  • Flow Defence™ barrier = large debris will not get under the barrier
  • Sediment and gravel may find its way to the bottom of the chamber but large debris is prevented from passing through the surface grates
  • Traditional tilting barrier = large debris can get under the barrier
  • Drains can clear sediment but the barrier should be cleared after a flood has receded
Flood Protection

Flood Protection

Intercepts floodwater after heavy rain or storm surge

Self Activating

Self Activating

Operates without power or human intervention

Vehicles and Pedestrians

Vehicles and Pedestrians

Barrier remains traversable until critical period activation

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Full time protection from unforeseen weather

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Reduced clean up costs caused by extreme storm events

Full Scale Testing

Full Scale Testing

Hydraulic flood simulations during product development

Flow Defence™ is an Australian based company providing flood protection for a range of different applications.

Developed by qualified engineering staff and tested using full scale models to evaluate performance.

The Flow Defence™ barrier is protected by international granted patents WO/2015/120516, AU 2015218181 & US 14902550.

Innovative manufacturing procedures with aluminium, stainless steel and polyethylene components for increased durability and quality control.


Flow Defence™ is protected by Trade Mark Number 1880447

Flow Defence™ Flood Barrier is Protected by International Granted Patents WO/2015/120516

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