Flow Defence™ is an Australian based company specialising in the design and construction of flood barrier products.

The Hydrostatic Fluid Containment System (HFCS) is a passive, concealed, self activating flood barrier designed to not open prematurely or restrict access of vehicles and pedestrians.

The Flow Defence™ flood barrier is protected by international granted patents WO/2015/120516, AU 2015218181 & US 14902550.

Flow Defence™ was founded by Scott Roy, with a combined 25 years experience in the civil engineering design industry (flooding and drainage) and construction through plumbing and drainage.

Scott’s track record in product development can been seen from previous inventions such as the Litter BasketDrop TrapIn-ine GPT and Off-line GPT gross pollutant traps that are manufactured by Urban Asset Solutions / Ecosol, one of the market leaders in stormwater filtration.

Based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia, the Flow Defence™ products have been developed to address regular flooding that is experienced in the region.


Flow Defence™ is protected by Trade Mark Number 1880447

Flow Defence™ Flood Barrier is Protected by International Granted Patents WO/2015/120516

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