Self activating WATER BARRIER (flood barrier) – pedestrian and trafficable water barriers designed and manufactured in Australia.

Pedestrian Flood Door

Applications: Doorways, walkways, stairwells, lift shafts and gateway openings.

Trafficable Flood Walls

Applications: Driveways, basement carpark ramps, levees and property protection

Hydrostatic Fluid Containment System (HFCS)

The Hydrostatic Fluid Containment System (HFCS) is a passive hidden flood barrier designed to not open prematurely and restrict access of vehicles or pedestrians.

The Flow Defence (Trade Marked) HFCS flood barrier is protected by international granted patents WO/2015/120516, AU 2015218181 & US 14902550.

The HFCS intercepts and collects flow within the same channel that the barrier is contained.  This means no external collection pits or regrading of existing surfaces are required which avoids conflicts with underground services.

Intercepting flows at the surface which is to be protected avoids the barrier from activating prematurely and restricting movement of vehicles and pedestrian traffic.

Since the barrier locks and seals from only the downstream side of the device, the upstream side of the channel remains open for easy access during cleaning and maintenance.  Prescreening baskets can also be installed within the open part of the channel to reduce maintenance costs when removing debris.

Should the barrier need to be removed, the open channel on the upstream side of the device provides enough room so no dismantling of sealing mechanisms are required.


Flow Defence™ is protected by Trade Mark Number 1880447

Flow Defence™ Flood Barrier is Protected by International Granted Patents WO/2015/120516

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